Chilliwack 13-suite multi-family walk-up valued at $2 million

Mt. Shannon Apartments is an updated three-storey rental apartment building on 0.26 acres in downtown Chilliwack.

Homelife Advantage Realty Ltd. / Chilliwack / for Western Investor
September 24, 2020

Chilliwack 13-suite rental  Rick Toor
— Homelife Advantage Realty Ltd., Chilliwack, for Western Investor

Property type: Multi-family rental

Location: 9456 Williams Street, Chilliwack, B.C.

Number of units: 13

Land size: 11,325 square feet

Land size in acres: 0.26 acres

Zoning: R5 (multi-unit residential)

List price: $2.39 million

Sale price: $2.02 million

Date of sale: January 4, 2020

Brokerage: Homelife Advantage Realty Ltd., Chilliwack

Broker: Rick Toor



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