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Shift to overdrive

Unlike most airport properties, Skyport lots are sold, not leased, and lots can be used for a wide variety of purposes including hangar-residence combinations. Lots start at around $109,000.

Calgary office leasing hits a new record high

Fears two years ago that downtown Calgary would be awash with vacant office space in 2012 seem a distant memory these days.

Stelmach backs Edmonton arena

"Steady Eddie" may be on his way out the door as Alberta's premier, but not without offering hope to those looking for provincial cash for a new downtown Edmonton arena.

Cold Lake tax debate heats up

There's more saber rattling going on in northeast Alberta oilpatch municipalities these days, and it's producing threats to curb development.

Banff backtracks on fast-food rule

It seems fast-food franchises and souvenir shops are safe in Banff - for now.

Canmore is catching up

Spring Creek developer Frank Kernick said interest in Canmore from vacation-home buyers is on the upswing again, thanks to an improved oilpatch in Alberta. "The market is chugging along. It's like Calgary. It's not rocking, but it's chugging along.

Airdrie annexes 12,600 acres

Alberta's fastest-growing southern city outside of Calgary should have far more land to build on come 2012.

'Hat council nixes arena

The likelihood of a major event centre going up on Medicine Hat's north side seems even more remote following a key vote by the southeast Alberta community's city council in late June.

Edmonton investing in Quarters' refit

Alberta's capital city will spend $56 million to revitalize part of its downtown known as the Quarters. The cash will come from a community revitalization levy on new assessment that results from the 20-year project.

Calgary condo sales pick up

According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, June condo sales were up 31 per cent over June 2010.