New Westminster: Historic city rebounds as Lower Mainland's "other" downtown

Great transit and relatively low real estate prices is revving up market activity in the royal city

Western Investor
April 26, 2017

New Westminster boardwalk


The Lower Mainland’s “other” downtown is witnessing resurgence. Once B.C.’s capital and still a public sector hub, New Westminster’s revival has come with the gentrification of downtown, a spate of new condo construction and relatively low home prices. With quick links to downtown Vancouver via Skytrain, the city is a popular with buyers who want a downtown lifestyle at a lower price. Facing the Fraser River on one side and Burnaby on the other, this compact city was already built out by the mid-20th century, restricting its land base for new commercial, industrial and residential construction—with the exception of the waterfront exclave of Queensborough.  Healthcare is New Westminster’s biggest employer, with 3,500 employed by Royal Columbian Hospital, while the city’s other major employers are almost all public sector. 



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