Langley: Sprawling suburb hotbed for industrial development

Langley township has seen considerable growth in recent years in residential and industrial sectors

Western Investor
May 16, 2017



On the western periphery of Metro Vancouver, Langley is the fifth-largest city in the region, and one of the last sites for greenfield development. However, 77 per cent of the township is within the Agricultural Land Reserve, which restricts most development. The majority of residential, commercial and industrial development is belted along the district’s western border with Surrey. The area is divided into the township and the city—the former more rural and suburban, and the latter more urban. At a compact 10-square-kilometres, the city is tiny compared to the 308-square kilometre township, but has one-fifth the population. Whereas 59 per cent of the housing stock in the township is detached, 75 per cent of city housing is multifamily. The township is where the growth is occurring, both in residential and new industrial product.



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