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This growing city in the Kootenays is ripe with investment possibilities

Five great reasons to bring your business to Cranbrook

Nestled in the heart of the Rockies, Cranbrook, B.C. is a year-round outdoor playground that has experienced record-breaking growth.

The biggest city east of Kelowna, Cranbrook is the service centre of the Kootenays, and home to a College of the Rockies campus, a regional hospital, and a local Junior A hockey team - the Cranbrook Bucks.

“We’re the undiscovered gem of the Kootenays,” says Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt.

But Cranbrook’s profile is steadily increasing, with the tourism industry growing exponentially—even during COVID-19. Its proximity to Alberta and world-renowned bike trails make it the ideal location for an outdoor getaway.

Cranbrook is in the process of an ambitious downtown revitalization and is looking for developer partners to invest in the city centre.

“Our tourism is really taking off, and we have big space available in the city for a flagship hotel to come in and serve the tourist industry,” explains Pratt.

 “We’re very receptive to business and development. We’ve even sped up all our processes for permitting and approvals."

When it comes to business, Cranbrook’s local government works proactively and collaboratively to help established businesses thrive and to encourage new business start-ups. 

The City can provide access to critical market research and business intelligence, while working actively to facilitate local connections to help support the establishment of your business. 

Unsure if Cranbrook is the right place for your investment? Here are five reasons why you should choose Cranbrook: 

1. A stable political environment

“Cranbrook is a very business-friendly, progressive community,” says Pratt. “One of our mandates is to grow the economy and grow jobs and employment.”

With a total tax rate of 5.29% on major industry (which is significantly lower than other B.C. cities, including those in the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan), Cranbrook is an attractive location for large enterprise expansion.

2. Preferred access to major markets

Cranbrook is strategically located right in the middle of Manitoba and Vancouver and is less than 100 km from the United States border. CP Rail runs through Cranbrook on its way to the U.S. The city is also home to the second-fastest growing airport in Canada.

“Logistically, we’re located perfectly to serve Western provinces as well as the Pacific Northwest of the United States,” explains Pratt.

In 2017, the City surveyed transport trucks passing through town and stopped more than 500 trucks in one day. 

3. A global hub for exploration and mining

“This is a resource-rich area,” articulates Mayor Pratt.

A number of mining companies call Cranbrook home, and the area is always under exploration. 

4. Access to grants and funding

There are several federal and provincial grant opportunities available for industry.

“The City is the number one sponsor in support of that,” adds Pratt. 

To help address the housing shortage, the City has received several infrastructure grants, which they’ve awarded to construction companies to build housing. 

5. Talented workforce 

Cranbrook is the Kootenay’s talent destination, and it is home to a steadily rising population.

Contributing to that are the graduates from the College of the Rockies, an award-winning facility with a newly added nursing program that works closely with industry to create employment opportunities.

“We want them to stay when they graduate,” says Pratt. 

With the majority of Cranbrook’s population within the working ages of 25 to 64 and an additional 2,295 people aged 15 to 24 emerging into the workforce, hard-working employees are easily accessible. 

The labour force is dedicated and diverse, with extensive experience in the City’s prime industry sectors of education, health care, construction, transportation, mining, and retail trade.

These individuals are motivated by their desire to live, work, and play in Cranbrook.

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