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Six reasons Wetaskiwin is ideal for industrial land investments

Affordable property costs and no offsite levies rank high for investors

Whether you are looking for a new place to start a business, relocate your existing business, or settle down with your family, Wetaskiwin has everything you need.

The city boasts more than 13,000 residents, with the big-city amenities of Edmonton only 40 minutes away. In Wetaskiwin, it’s easier to connect with policymakers who are open to ideas that enhance the city, and who are motivated to support your growth.

“One of Wetaskiwin’s focuses is industrial development and expansion,” economic development manager Candace Coughlan says.

“Having recently implemented our new property tax incentive, we have seen an increase in investment inquiries.”

If you’re on the fence about relocating to Wetaskiwin, here are six great reasons to come out and see the new industrial lots available for sale in the city:

1. Everything is more affordable in Wetaskiwin

From housing, industrial lands, or even buying a car, Wetaskiwin makes financial sense.

Compared to other communities in Alberta, you can expect to spend about 40% less on the cost of a home in the community. If you have heard of Wetaskiwin, chances are it had to do with the jingle, “cars cost less in Wetaskiwin,” and it’s true – cars do cost significantly less in Wetaskiwin.

This affordability translates into shovel-ready industrial land as well. Listed at $265,000/acre, South East Industrial Lands are some of the most affordable in the region.

2. There are no hidden costs

Not only is land pricing highly competitive for the South East Industrial Park, but it’s also important to note that there are no hidden or unforeseen costs – Wetaskiwin even provides incentives.

In Wetaskiwin you can expect an industrial property tax incentive for all new or expanded developments. It provides an incentive of 75% on the municipal portion of the property tax rate in the first year, 50% in the second year, and 25% in the third year.

Wetaskiwin doesn’t charge offsite levies or have a business tax. It also doesn’t have machinery and equipment taxation.

In addition, Alberta has no provincial sales tax and Alberta’s corporate tax rate is the lowest in Canada at 8%.

3. Impress your foodie stakeholders and clients with exquisite local fare

While this article is about industrial land, we all know local food finesse is a must to impress —and Wetaskiwin’s restaurateurs have got you covered. Wetaskiwin’s diverse community background – and entrepreneurial spirit – has made this city home to a large number of locally-owned restaurants that will leave you wanting more. 

Some notable local favourites include Glen’s Grill, Huckleberry’s Cafe, Seoul Japanese & Korean Cuisine, Yatin’s Kitchen, and Wok N’ Roll. 

4. Shovel-ready lands available

Lots in the South East Industrial Park are fully serviced and ready for development. The area features flexible lots ranging in size 2.7 acres to 8.12 acres and services are to the lot line. Grading is also complete, and the stormwater management plan is complete.

“Providing shovel-ready lands 35 minutes from the Edmonton International Airport for only $265,000/acre is a great opportunity for potential investors and the City of Wetaskiwin.” Coughlan says.

5. Accessibility and labour force

The City of Wetaskiwin is located only 35 minutes from the Edmonton International Airport and 10 minutes east of the Canamex Trade Corridor—the transportation backbone of the Alberta economy. 

Wetaskiwin draws from a labour pool of over 300,000 people within a reasonable commuting distance. Locally, the community offers a talented workforce at competitive wages.

“Our strategic location and diverse workforce have aided in our existing industrial businesses to expand within our community and we are optimistic it will help us attract additional industrial development moving forward,” Coughlan says.

6. Already home to some of the best businesses

Wetaskiwin is already home to a number of celebrated brands – including Home Hardware’s Western Distribution Center, Supreme International, Manluk Industries, AC Dandy, and Nucor Grating, to name a few.

There’s no question, Wetaskiwin is a unique community. When contemplating purchasing industrial lands, there are many factors to consider and it’s important to weigh your decision carefully. If you need any assistance or are seeking any additional information, the City of Wetaskiwin encourages you to reach out.