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Prime investment opportunity open to all in B.C.’s first craft cannabis hub

The current industrial land market price per acre near Kamloops and Kelowna is $850,000 and $1,200,000 respectively, giving the True Leaf land a potential unlocked value of more than $12-million

True Leaf Brands Inc. has launched a private placement and an equity crowdfunding offering that gives everyone – traditional investors, the craft cannabis community, and the general public – the opportunity to invest in the company’s innovative business model.

“We recognize that the general public wants to access to the same opportunities that come across the desk of sophisticated investors, and we’ve made it easy. Anyone who is of legal age can purchase shares right from our website,” True Leaf CEO Darcy Bomford says.

“We’re focused on smaller investors who appreciate our grass roots focus and want to be a part of the community.”

True Leaf’s planned craft cannabis hub will be the first facility of its kind, helping licensed micro-cultivators bring quality cannabis to the regulated market to meet consumer demand for small-batch, premium products.

The public has the opportunity to invest in the hub, a 40-acre cannabis business park located in Lumby, BC, roughly a 45-minute drive from the Kelowna International Airport.

True Leaf’s offering is unique for both investors and the craft cannabis community.

The company’s site is in Canada’s cannabis corridor, the sunny Okanagan. It has already been zoned for cannabis production and has received preliminary subdivision approval for phase one of their plan to divide the property into 14 lots.

Micro-cultivators are looking for this rare, affordable land zoned for cannabis production to start their businesses. 

“In this area, industrial land is in short supply and is extremely expensive,” Bomford says.

“British Columbia’s ‘BC Bud’ was created from the blood, sweat, and tears of legacy growers and is recognized as some of the finest cannabis in the world. Our investment in the land, building, and license will provide licensed growers with the services they need and ultimately a pathway to the fast-growing regulated market,” Bomford adds.


True Leaf’s cannabis business park will span 40 acres. (Video via True Leaf)

The current industrial land market price per acre for nearby Kamloops and Kelowna are $850,000 and $1,200,000 respectively, giving the True Leaf land a potential unlocked value of more than $12-million.

True Leaf Brands’ first-of-its-kind cannabis hub includes a 19,500 square foot two-story facility built to meet strict EU-GMP requirements for future exports.

The company also holds Health Canada licenses for standard processing and standard cultivation.

True Leaf is uniquely positioned to support BC’s craft cannabis community: hundreds of legacy growers in the Okanagan Valley, Kootenays, Fraser Valley, and Vancouver Island.

The company will offer a full suite of seed-to-shelf solutions for micro-cultivators, including quality assurance and regulatory compliance support, high-speed packaging lines for 3.5-gram glass jars and pre-rolls, anti-microbial services to kill bacteria on the plant, and a nursery to supply consistent genetics.

True Leaf has also developed a quality assurance system that will help micro-cultivators exceed Health Canada’s strict quality protocols.

“Growing top-shelf cannabis is hard but growing top-shelf cannabis that also meets Health Canada’s requirements is the new ‘gold standard’ and we’re here to help,” Bomford says.

This offering is perfectly timed, with cannabis stocks currently at a low point from their 2018 peak. The legalized industry has already weathered a correction period and now appears to be poised for a new stage of sustained growth as support for legalization gains momentum worldwide.

Disappointed by “corporate cannabis” consumers are looking for quality, craft products and will risk the grey market to find what they’re looking for. True Leaf is poised to capture market share from the multi-billion-dollar unregulated market by making it easy for consumers to access what they want.

True Leaf aims to raise $5-million through this grassroots opportunity.

To learn more about the investment opportunity with True Leaf Brands, visit