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Mechanical system upgrades without the upfront cost

How renting new HVAC can help you provide best in class comfort through increased indoor air quality and reliable heating

Canadian-owned, Enercare, is the leading provider of rental water heating and HVAC equipment across the country, including rooftop units, boilers, ductless split systems and packaged units.

These systems are critical in providing a comfortable environment while maintaining and improving indoor air quality in your building, especially as nationwide concerns around a second wave of COVID-19 mount.

As businesses continue to face challenges posed by the pandemic, pouring capital into upgrading and maintaining these building mechanical systems proves to be a fiscal challenge. While essential, these upgrades are often unplanned, impacting other capital projects critical to your business.

With all the expensive business-related decisions you need to make, upgrading your HVAC system shouldn’t be one of them.

A Case for upgrades

As Canada-wide guidelines continue to favour remaining indoors to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, business owners need to review their building’s current mechanical systems to ensure they are primed for the upcoming heating season.

Enercare recently worked on a major retrofit program in 24 Canadian properties with aging boilers that were wasting energy, and providing unreliable temperature to it’s building occupants.

The cost to purchase new equipment would have far exceeded budget constraints; Enercare was able to provide the boilers on their rental program, with $0 upfront cost to the landlord.

According to Scott Beneteau, Vice President of Commercial Services at Enercare, the combined result of energy savings, operational maintenance cost, tax treatment and conservation incentive funded the rental payment for > ten years.

Renting: A worthwhile investment

When critical building systems break down, it can seriously affect a company’s bottom line.

Emergency repairs and installations, which generally come from inadequate maintenance, can be costly and unaffordable, leaving guests with insufficient temperature and unsafe working conditions.

For many businesses, the price to upgrade failing equipment during a pandemic is not viable, making the Advantage program a great option for business owners faced with the decision on what to do with underperforming equipment.

By choosing to rent your next HVAC or Water Heating system, you’re ensuring your building is continuing to provide essential heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water to occupants. Enercare’s program lets you gain the benefits of a new piece of equipment without the investment.

Enercare is the expert when it comes to sourcing, installing and maintaining the right piece of equipment for your unique space. After the installation of your new rental equipment, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager responsible for minimizing effort in the administration of maintenance and provide ongoing and end-to-end support and service:

  • Assistance with new customer enrollments
  • Schedule annual maintenances and administer new installations
  • First contact resolution for billing, service and product related questions

Renting is a hassle-free, convenient option for business owners who don’t want to worry about any ongoing maintenance costs, expensive repair service calls or equipment replacement. Your new system will not only provide adequate heating and ventilation but will offer energy efficient performance through the latest in state-of-the-art technology, saving you money by reducing operating expenses.

Ten benefits of equipment leasing with Enercare

  • Zero up-front costs and affordable monthly payments*
  • $0 repairs & maintenance, performed by licensed technicians**
  • Free up personal capital for better yielding investments
  • Free transfer of program to new landlord if you sell your building
  • Favourable tax treatments for property owners and landlords
  • Electronic billing and flexible payment options
  • Valuable utility and manufacturer rebates on eligible equipment
  • Termination option at any time*

Enercare offers comprehensive Advantage program on all the latest state of the art, energy -efficient models of HVAC equipment, including all in one packaged rooftop units, zone-controlled ductless split system, domestic boilers, and standard furnace applications.

Enercare also offers products designed to mitigate the spread of airborne illness such as Air Scrubbers, Energy Recovery Ventilators and UVC lighting, intended to increase fresh air and trap and kill harmful particles.

*See rental agreement terms and conditions for details.
** If equipment is not repairable, a new replacement is available with no up-front costs. See rental agreement terms and conditions for details.
*** Visit for details.