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Local brokerage partners with developers to offer flexible financing solutions

Taking the stress out of financing and helping clients realize their goals and vision

Property development is considered a highly lucrative area of the real estate industry. Yet, developers often face a number of risks and challenges that can potentially derail projects and decimate profits.

There are several factors to consider, such as the impact of variables like weather delays, cost overruns, stock market fluctuations, restrictive terms and cash flow issues. It becomes clear that working with a trusted partner can help to alleviate stress and improve outcomes.

“We listen and understand the challenges faced by developers, and this enables us to offer better options and more support,” says Pip Dhaliwal, CEO and founder of Freedom Capital. “Our connections in the field plus industry knowledge can help developers reach their objectives.”

Too often, large banks let commercial developers down, Dhaliwal believes.

“They fail to understand that developing a property isn’t only about numbers. At Freedom Capital, we understand that developers are building our future and their vision goes beyond just the bottom line. And we are committed to helping them realize opportunities – without compromise.”

Rather than pushing transactions through as banks often would, Freedom Capital is interested in building and maintaining long-term relationships with its partners.

“We want to make the road to financing a lot easier and, simply put, seamless. We offer solutions, not a roadblock,” Dhaliwal says.

Dhaliwal founded Freedom Capital in 2010 after learning of the need for alternative financing solutions while working as a mortgage officer at a bank.

“I saw frustrated clients getting passed over due to strict guidelines and red tape in the conventional market,” he recalls. “Addressing this gap, Freedom Capital now operates as one of the largest national brokerages solely dedicated to the alternative and commercial mortgage market in Canada.”

With a philosophy of offering options with less stringent lending guidelines, higher loan amounts, high loan-to-cost ratios, fewer presales and far fewer equity requirements compared to traditional banks, Freedom Capital has also built a reputation for highly competitive rates and terms.

“We strive to allow developers to take advantage of opportunities that come up quickly,” Dhaliwal says. “With fast approval and sound advice on financing projects, we can help come up with a step-by-step plan to help through the acquisition, rezoning and construction phases.”

This approach is informed by in-depth knowledge about real estate.

“Our team comes with a collective 35-years+ of experience in the mortgage lending field, which is why we know what works and what doesn’t,” he says. “We see upcoming areas and communities rising – and the potential to benefit with investing in these communities. In addition, we understand the rezoning and construction cycle in detail.”

Simply having the ability to pick up the phone and reach a person familiar with “your name, your project’s budget, your objectives and your future goals can help save time and inspire confidence,” Dhaliwal insists. “We work one-on-one with our clients, learning what they need and getting it done quickly and efficiently.”

Freedom Capital requires less documentation requirements than a bank to streamline the process. “Moreover, developers can also use other assets to reduce cash being put into the project,” he says. “We are able to finance raw and unzoned land with development potential.”

With the ability to fund multiple projects, Freedom Capital offers open terms. Land lifts, which take the potential increase of property values during the rezoning process into account, are another differentiator, Dhaliwal adds.

“Our organization also places emphasis on servicing as we can obtain 100% of your servicing costs and post bonds to the city.”

Given the complexity inherent in property development, it pays to have a knowledgeable partner along for the entire journey, from evaluating an opportunity and the initial stage of a project through the rezoning and construction process.

Freedom Capital is happy to assume this role, proposes Dhaliwal.

“We want to become part of your team and help you make the best decisions. By taking the stress out of financing, we can help you realize your vision.”

To learn more about how Freedom Capital can help you find viable financial solutions, visit and hit ‘apply now’ to have a specialist reach out or call 1-866-944-7778.