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Freedom Capital helps clients when the banks say no

Discover a quick, hassle-free way to the financing you need, when you need it
Realize the Freedom Capital advantage

Dealing with seemingly endless red tape at city hall or closing the terms on a land deal can be fraught with delays and uncertainty. 

Getting access to financing, however, need not be. 

Enter the Freedom Capital advantage. With more than 35 years’ worth of combined experience in the mortgage lending industry, Freedom Capital gets you the money you need when the banks say no. 

Depending on the nature of your project, Freedom Capital can get those funds in your hands anywhere from two weeks to just under a month, with mortgages that range anywhere from $100,000 to $350 million. 

And with today’s current, balanced market conditions, now is the time to realize the Freedom Capital advantage when getting started on your investment home or mid-sized development.  

“A lot of people are holding onto their purse strings at this point and stepping carefully into the market, but when most people are saying ‘I’m going to wait to see what happens in the market,’ that’s usually when there’s an opportunity in the market,” explains Freedom Capital founder and CEO Pip Dhaliwal. “We’ve had a dip, but real estate is always going up and in the long run, you will make your money.”

If your total debt service is too high, your income doesn’t support your debt load or your credit rating is below 680, the major banks may be hesitant to do business with you. 

Freedom Capital, however, is not. 

The company’s clientele ranges from those looking to buy investment properties to mid-tier builders and developers. These are people with a high net worth who are self-employed and don’t claim income but their corporation does; or others with a substantive amount of equity in their homes. 

“We operate outside of the banks,” Dhaliwal said. “Usually, it’s for people who the banks have said no to but they have equity in their property. We’re able to get them financing just based on their equity rather than their income or credit.”

The process begins with a few basic, exploratory questions: how much a client’s property is worth, how much of a mortgage they have and how much of a down payment was made. From there, documents are collected and Freedom Capital experts determine the specifics: in some cases, clients want to pull equity, or they’re looking to build or construct. In other cases, clients want to buy land. 

With Freedom Capital, a smaller mortgage deal will see money in a client’s hands within 10 days. For larger developments, it’s about two to three weeks. 

“That is a huge difference compared to the banks,” Dhaliwal said. “Sometimes that takes two to four weeks and in busy times it can be two to three months, especially in the case of larger development deals.”

The Freedom Capital model is hassle free. Their mortgage experts will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote that acts like a backup plan should you need one. 

“We have the contacts so that you’ll like what we’re going to put on the table,” Dhaliwal said. “It doesn’t cost any money to get a no-obligation quote in your back pocket in case the bank doesn’t come through.”