Freedom Capital ‘doing what’s right’ in alternative financing

Freedom Capital
February 24, 2021

Freedom Capital is now established as one of the most dominant national alternative brokerages in Canada. — iStock

Vancouver-based Freedom Capital was formed more than a decade ago when founder Pip Dhaliwal, then a loan officer at a major bank, became frustrated that investors and entrepreneurs were not being properly respected or served.

“The strict guidelines and red tape made getting loan access difficult for clients who aren’t traditionally employed,” Dhaliwal says, “I could see there was a need for alternative financing solutions.”

Most banks, he realized, look only at credit history and net employment income, and often limit loan applicants to one or two projects. This ignores the real estate investors and developers who require financing to drive the industry forward.

In 2010, Dhaliwal founded a solution in Freedom Capital, which is now established as one of the most dominant national alternative brokerages in Canada, with offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

Freedom Capital takes a fresh, different approach, looking at a client’s total assets to get a bigger, clearer picture of their strategy, and providing them with solutions that make sense.

“Brokers in today’s market look to complete deals on a transactional basis,” says Dhaliwal. “At Freedom

Capital, our goal is to focus on providing quick, easy access to lending with a transparent and flexible repayment system. This has allowed us to develop long-term clients and establish strong relationship with their lenders.

“We aim to make the client’s experience stress-free.”

As Dhaliwal sees it, private financing is an increasingly important option in business, Canada-wide, offering those with financing issues customized solutions that make sense.

Freedom Capital’s success is rooted in the niche of private, commercial and construction financing, rather than operating as a one-stop-shop brokerage. This has allowed the company to refine their expertise and provide the exclusive, superior service to their customers.

“We have frequently turned around approval in less than 24 hours,” notes Dhaliwal.

“We are well known to our lenders and clients, and provide win-win solutions for both parties.”

Freedom Capital’s most significant strength is seeing clients not as a number, but motivated entrepreneurs with goals; people who may have suffered some setback in their personal or business careers and need an experienced, nimble advocate in their corner.

A lack of hidden costs, compounding fees or lengthy agreement terms mean those people have an ally in Freedom Capital.

“We care about our clients’ visions and goals: and, most of all, doing what’s right,” Dhaliwal concludes.

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