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Premier Moe calls election for October 26

Campaign kicks off for 28-day sprint to the polls with Saskatchewan Party hoping to retain power over opposition NDP
Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe

On September 29 Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe called a super-snap election for October 26, with the 28-day sprint to the polls already underway.

Moe met with this morning with Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty, who dissolved the Legislature Assembly at the premier’s request to pave the way for Saskatchewan’s 29th general election.

Moe said that will be a dominant question in the campaign for the October 26 provincial election: ‘Who do you trust to lead Saskatchewan’s economic recovery’?

“The Saskatchewan Party has a plan for a strong Saskatchewan - for a strong economy, strong communities and strong families,” Moe said. “Already, we are seeing signs of a strong recovery from the pandemic, as more jobs are being created every month and Saskatchewan now has the lowest unemployment rate in the country.”

Ryan Meili Leader of the Saskatchewan New Democrats, the official opposition, launched the election campaign with a promise to invest in people and stand against what he said were Saskatchewan Party cuts to health care and education.

“In the last six months, Saskatchewan families have been through a lot, fighting the COVID crisis together,” said Meili. “But even before the pandemic hit, life here was getting harder. People are stretched and stressed and finding it more difficult to make ends meet. Scott Moe and the Saskatchewan Party are satisfied with the way things are – and willing to make things worse with deep cuts and austerity. That’s just wrong. It’s time to put people first.”

The Saskatchewan Party is leading in the polls and held a large margin in the 2006 election, when it won 51 seats compared to 10 for the NDP.

It still appears a two-horse race. Only the Saskatchewan Party and the New Democrats hold seats in the legislature, but the Progressive Conservatives, the Liberals, the Green Party and the Buffalo Party are also fielding candidates.