Brandon building permits down year-over-year

Residential permits posted the largest decline

Western Investor
March 18, 2019

Brandon MB
Brandon, Manitoba: power of the Prairies.
Building permits in the Brandon area of Manitoba, which includes the rural areas of Cornwallis and Elton, were valued at $84.5 million in 2018, down from just over $100 million a year earlier, according to the City of Brandon planning and building department.
The biggest drop was in Brandon residential permits, which fell from 380 to 170, amounting to a $16 million decline.
There was $26.9 million in commercial permits issued.
This includes 11 permits or commercial projects, which totalled $7.8 million, and 62 permits issued for renovations, which totalled $12.2 million. 
There were also 27 industrial permits issued, worth $7.6 million. 
In the residential category, there were 380 permits issued, amounting to $37.2 million.The largest chunk of that saw 97 permits issued for the construction of single-detached houses, totalling $16.8 million, while the second-largest saw 15 multi-unit permits, worth $9 million.

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