High-density condo project pitched for busy Delta corridor

Rezoning application has been submitted for a property located next to the vacant North Delta Inn site

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July 17, 2018

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An application has been submitted for two condo buildings next to the contentious North Delta Inn site.

Another high-density residential development is being pitched for the Scott Road corridor, but not a skyscraper.

A rezoning application has been submitted for a property at 6950 Nicholson Road, located next to the vacant North Delta Inn site which has seen previous high-rise applications fail.

The application for the Nicholson road property near 70th Avenue, currently occupied by commercial buildings, proposes two apartment buildings that would be six storeys in height and comprise 181 units.

The site was the subject of a previous contentious development application that also included the North Delta Inn property.

One of the options pitched at the time called for one or more high-rise buildings up to 29 storeys in height that would include 80,000 square feet of ground-oriented commercial space on the lower two levels and a maximum of 680 multi-family units above. A majority of area residents were opposed, citing concerns about height, traffic, impact on adjacent residential properties and the scale of the development not fitting within the neighbourhood.

That proposal died on the vine and there’s currently no proposal on the books for the North Delta Inn parcel.

Council has approved changes to the North Delta Area plan encouraging more high density. The new plan focuses on the concentration of growth strategically focused on four key areas: the Scott Road Corridor, the Nordel Social Heart, 84th Avenue and 72nd Avenue.

The Delta Rise high-rise further down Scott Road has since been constructed and two more high-rise applications have been submitted for the corridor.

Meanwhile, more higher-density developments are underway elsewhere in the community, including a 60-unit townhouse project in the 11100 block of 72nd Avenue, while further up 72nd Avenue a 40-unit townhouse development, located at the corner of 116th Street, is about to be built.

Meanwhile, two condo buildings and two townhouse buildings (a total of 110 apartments and 12 townhomes) will be built in the 1100 block of 84th Avenue.

As far as South Delta townhome or condo projects proposed or being built, perhaps the most notable to watch for will be the Century Group's submission for a master plan for the major redevelopment of the Tsawwassen Town Centre, something that could possibly include a high-rise or two but not to the height of Delta Rise. The company is still working on the master plan.

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