1,100 new condos proposed for ‘Lansdowne Village’

112 units will be market rental housing

Richmond News
October 19, 2018

lansdowne village
After “Brighouse Village” proposed more than 3,000 new apartments near Canada Line Brighouse Station, “Lansdowne Village” in Richmond’s city centre is now underway.
Two rezoning proposals were submitted to the City of Richmond in June and have been granted third reading.
The development will include 11 towers with 1169 condo units in total, across the street from Lansdowne Centre between Alderbridge Way and Lansdowne Road. 
The 11 proposed towers will be added to “Lansdowne Village” on the top of a 2016 master development plan for the Lansdowne Centre site that proposed 24 mid-rise towers and a 10-acre public park by 2025.
One development, proposed at the intersection of No. 3 and Lansdowne roads, contains three residential towers and an office building.
This development will include 345 residential units including 20 affordable housing units, and a 557 square foot on-site community facility.
As part of the rezoning application, the developer has proposed buying the 21, 739 sq. ft. city lot at 5671 No.3 Road, where the Richmond Centre for Disabilities (RCD) was located.
Meanwhile, seven towers — six residential towers and an office tower — are planned on a 5.1-acre land parcel at Alderbridge Way and No.3 Road. The site has been cleared “in preparation for development,” said a city report.
Among the 824 proposed units, the developer has earmarked 112 units as market rental housing, 38 units as affordable housing units and the rest as market strata units. These will create a 650,000 square foot residential area.
The development will also include a 65,000 square foot  tech hub space, and a courtyard with gardens located within the core of the redevelopment.
The project is scheduled to be considered by the development permit panel at their meeting on Oct. 24.
Both of the applicants proposed to creating two roads around the development or widening city lanes, and building a wider off-street bike lane that is separated from vehicular traffic.
The developers will also construct a low carbon utility energy source, which will be transferred to the City at no cost.
When asked how the city plans to accommodate the tens of thousands of new residents moving in the area, Ted Townsend, spokesperson for the City of Richmond, responded that “there are extensive public amenities that are included in the proposed redevelopments.”
“For example, the proposal (for Lansdowne Centre redevelopment) includes the creation of a 53,500 square foot city amenity space that will be paid for by the developer,” said Townsend.
“The significant re-development occurring along the west side of No. 3 Road between Lansdowne and Alderbridge will provide further public amenities and infrastructure benefits.”
Townsend said the city has completed some transportation improvements in the area and “further improvements and upgrades through Lansdowne Village and the broader city centre will also occur as other redevelopment in the area proceeds.”

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