Calgary Real Estate Forum to focuses on challenges

Tackling market headwinds facing investors, brokers, developers and asset managers in Calgary and across Alberta will be the goal on November 6

Western Investor
October 23, 2019

Calgary Real Estate Forum
Calgary Real Estate Forum: November 6 at the Telus Convention Centre.

The 21st annual Calgary Real Estate Forum, to be held November 6, will focus on “challenges facing asset managers, brokers, developers, investors” and other real estate professionals, according to forum chair Murray DeGirolamo, president of Hopewell Development.

One of the sessions at the forum will look at the repurposing of older commercial assets, as witnessed in the conversion of some older office towers to residential use. The session will examine various case studies and what role municipal policies can play in facilitating this process. Greg Kwong, a senior executive and Alberta regional manager at CBRE will lead that session.

Other sessions will look at diversification in Calgary’s economic base and at “who is leading the way to get the city back on its feet,” DeGirolamo noted.

“This will be an information-packed forum that will determine what strategies to follow for the remainder of 2019 and beyond,” he said.

The Calgary Real Estate Forum will be held at the Telus Convention Centre, north building, and is expecting another full house. 

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