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Investor's Guide to Commercial Real Estate 2019

A letter from editor Frank O'Brien introduces Western Investor's third-annual guide to investing in commercial property and guides you through the latest edition
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Welcome to the third annual edition of Western Investing, the definitive guide to investing in commercial real estate across Western Canada.

This year will present some challenges to western investors, especially after the record-breaking performance experienced in the previous two years. But, unlike previous downturns, we expect the 2019 moderation to be short and shallow. The key reason is that it is primarily based not on economic forces but on government policy and miscues.

This could have been a breakout year for the Alberta economy had provincial, federal and First Nations politicians not fumbled on vital pipelines needed to move Alberta oil to a hungry world.

B.C.’s multi-family and land markets would likely be surpassing record levels if not for a series of government policy decisions that hammered housing sales to a decade low.

The commercial real estate market of Western Canada is anchored on rock-solid fundamentals, however. Investors should consider this a year of positioning and preparation for the brighter future that is likely coming quicker than most believe.

- Frank O'Brien 

Columns and Features 

  1. 1. Feature | Where to Invest
  2. 2. Feature | The Northwest Nexus 
  3. 3. Kitimat's coming boom
  4. 4. Multi-family financing 
  5. 5. Multi-family investing (Vancouver)
  6. 6. Multi-family investing (Edmonton)
  7. 7. Sponsored Content: Prime waterfront B.C. development site offers huge potential for profit  
  8. 8. Fraser Valley development land
  9. 9. Recreational land 
  10. 10. Commercial financing
  11. 11. Contaminated sites
  12. 12. Industrial market
  13. 13. Feature | Top rental markets 
  14. 14. Nanaimo real estate
  15. 15. Top REITs 2019
  16. 16. Hotel market
  17. 17. Retail market
  18. 18. Vancouver office market
  19. 19. Construction costs