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Index: Investor's Guide to Commercial Real Estate 2017

A letter from editor Frank O'Brien introduces Western Investor's new annual guide to investing in commercial property and guides you through the inaugural edition
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Welcome to the inaugural annual edition of Investor's Guide to Commercial Real Estate in Western Canada
In a yield-starved world, commercial real estate investing in Western Canada promises the type of returns, investor satisfaction and outright potential rare in any investment environment today. From the white-hot multi-family market of Vancouver to industrial and retail real estate in Alberta and Saskatchewan, to the stability and diversity of Manitoba’s office and rental apartment scene, opportunities abound across the West.
We have compiled thought leaders from across Canada, all with intense interest in Western Canada real estate, to help new and seasoned investors formulate their path to success in 2017. - Frank O'Brien 

Columns and features

  1. 1. Feature | Winning in the West: Where to invest in commercial real estate
  2. 2. Investing in commercial real estate
  3. 3. Seven foundational pillars of joint-venture investing
  4. 4. Investing with syndicates
  5. 5. Investing in First Nation joint ventures
  6. 6. Alternative financing for commercial mortgages
  7. 7. FeatureSix top landlord markets
  8. 8. Financing apartment building buys
  9. 9. Investing in strata windups
  10. 10. Multi-family capitalization rate
  11. 11. How to invest in industrial real estate
  12. 12. Feature | Sexy industrial 
  13. 13. Investing in retail real estate
  14. 14. Investing in office space
  15. 15. Guide to leasing office space
  16. 16. Selling a business with real estate