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Winnipeg Wendy’s tests SkiptheDishes home delivery

Winnipeg service the first in Canada as part of a pilot program

A Wendy’s franchise in Winnipeg has linked with a home delivery service.

SkiptheDishes, the Winnipeg-based food delivery service with operations across Canada and the U.S., launched a pilot program this year with Wendy’s restaurants, offering to bring fast food dishes right to a client’s door.

“It’s taken off, it’s exceeded our expectations for sure,” said Tim MacLeod, a Wendy’s franchise owner, told the Winnpeg Free Press. “On the very first day we might have expected two or three orders per store, and all of a sudden we’re getting reports that one store had 21 orders in one day. It’s pretty exciting.”

SkiptheDishes has a record for growth. After starting in Saskatchewan in 2013, it quickly grew and moved to Manitoba. Now its head office in Winnipeg has around 300 employees, and the company has received funding from the provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.