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Pets to Vets franchise attracts retirees

A local pet transportation franchise is a low-cost option for low-income seniors looking to make extra cash
pets to vets

Pets to Vets, a British Columbia franchise that provides non-emergency transportation of pets to veterinarians, kennels and other destinations, is an ideal low-cost, small-business option for retirees, a company’s franchisee said.

“I am retired and I was bored,” explained Janis Beaumont, who holds the Pets to Vets franchise for Surrey and the Fraser Valley. Beaumont, who works about three weeks per month on the franchise, said it took 18 months to build the franchise into a money-making venture. 

Pets to Vets is the only company specializing in this type of service in Canada. It is especially helpful for seniors and other pet owners with limited mobility, according to the company. As well, many taxi companies have restrictions on carrying pets, and large pets are routinely banned on public transport.

A franchise owner with just one vehicle can expect earnings of $1,200 to $7,000 per month depending on the volume of business, according Pets to Vets founder David Smith.

So far, there are four franchises in the Fraser Valley and two more will open in Victoria in 2017.

“The initial franchise purchase price of $6,000 could be recovered within two years even at modest earnings,” Smith explained.