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Avanti launches mobile ordering platform geared towards fast-food chains

The cloud-based system allows every brand from international chains to local shops to offer a customizable online ordering experience
avanti commerce
Avanti Commerce has officially launched their mobile ordering platform to be marketed towards fast-food franchises, after a successful partnership with Subway Restaurants
Avanti helped lead the initial trails of Starbucks and McDonald’s mobile ordering systems and developed a custom version of the platform for Subway in 2016. Avanti’s cloud-based system allows quick-service restaurant patrons to not only order and pay for their food, but save and customize their orders as well. 
This is particularly important for a brand that has multiple outlets with multiple owners where the customer expects to be treated the same at all of the brands locations,” said James Christensen, vice president of business development for Avanti. “Mobile Ordering allows businesses to store previous orders or favorites of their customers making fast reordering very convenient. Without mobile ordering this cannot be done very effectively.”
Avanti markets their new platform as a cheaper alternative to in-house systems that often cost companies millions, according to Christensen. Although then system is particularly suited to fast-food chains, the platform can help streamline the ordering experience at niche restaurants with unique menus.
“Many food and beverage related mobile ordering platforms are really closer to web shopping application like Shopify with a standard shopping cart for checkout. These may work for very simple menus and where preparation times are not time sensitive,” Christensen notes. “The Avanti platform is advanced in that we can deal with complex menus including none priced modifiers and have advanced mobile user interfaces and robust systems that allow for high speed transactions.” 
Avanti has been working in the mobile arena since 1999 and has seen online ordering go from being a luxury to a necessity for businesses to maintain customer engagement, Christensen said. 
Avanti Commerce’s has a customizable platform to adjust to any brand, from international chains to independent coffee shops.