Victoria 12-unit multi-family captures $312,500 per door

The rental-apartment building is on Cook Street close to Victoria’s downtown and attracted multiple bids to sell at full asking price.

Colliers International / Victoriz / for Western Investor
August 20, 2020

Colliers,Victoria,  cook street sale
— Colliers International, Victoria, for Western Investor

Type of property:Multi-family rental

Location:235 Cook Street, Victoria, B.C.

Number of units:12

Size of land:0.22 acres

In square feet:9,862 square feet

Zoning:R3-2A (multi-unit residential, low rise)

Listing price:$3.75 million

Sale price:$3.75 million

Date of sale:April 30, 2020

Brokerage company:Colliers International, Victoria, B.C.

Brokers:Eric Adams, Mike Foucher


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